martes, 17 de octubre de 2006


More on the Basijis:

Khomeini and his supporters learned from the Stalinist techniques of establishing informers in every neighborhood. This, coupled with fierce punishments for suspected traitors and their families, created a fear among the population that made rebellion and uuprising difficult. A basiji could be an eighty year old grandmother with her entire family as spies networked throuought the city. They are entitled to free education and welfare. In a nutshell, they are spies to the tune of 15% of the population who have infilterated every democratic and opposition movement so far and have captured and killed their leaders. That is why it's so hard to have a revolution in Iran.

Call against international Al Quds Day

TonySoprano de Corea:This came just a minute or so after Friedman described Kim as the "Tony Soprano of Pyongyang."

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